Why Training your Mind is important?

Why training your mind is important? Better health, meaningful relationships, achieving our full potential, and above all finding peace and joy was our motivation to start Training our Mind.

Our Mind is the most powerful tool we have that stays with us from the time we are born. It controls all of our actions and emotions. It controls every decision and choice we make in our life. It helps us control how we use the knowledge we have acquired over the years. It could help us overcome adversity or let us succumb to the lowest depths of our personal hell.

Mind can help you make billions of dollars. Then leave it all at the top of your game without remorse, for the greater good – like Bill Gates. Mind can help you be the Centenarian Olympics record holder for sprinting at the age of 104 like Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins. It can help us get out of bed in the morning and take the next step after failing a test or after learning of your mother’s diagnosis of stage three breast cancer. The same mind can make someone pick up a gun and point it at themselves or pick up a syringe and fuel the drug habit that has already ruined their lives ten times over.

Mind is constantly Learning.

Our mind is constantly learning. As science has proven, we start learning before we are born. The learning process speeds up as we go through experiences in life. Our mind can learn to be fearful, judgmental, or positive. We can continue to let our mind learn on its own or we can train our mind to persevere, live in the moment and ultimately find peace.

What do we want to do with our life? Do we want to let our mind rule us or do we want to train it to help us succeed and be the best version of ourselves? The decision is ours.

I invite you to join us in this journey to train our minds to achieve our full potential. I encourage you to start with this post – Training Your Mind: Acceptance

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