Training Your Mind: Mindful Balancing Exercise

When we are stressed not only our mind is racing from one thought to the other, we also unconsciously tend to tighten our muscles. It is the side effect of fight or flight response triggered by stress. For most people, with stress comes muscle aches and fatigue as well.

Mindful Yoga and Tai Chi, these mindful balancing exercises are designed to be done slowly with complete focus on our movements, body and breathing. As we engage in these balancing exercises, they help train our mind to slowly shift focus from racing thoughts to our movements and breath; to slow down and be present in the moment.

These exercises also help us recognize all tension in our body and help us consciously relax all the muscles. Over time we learn to slow down and feel the stretch or tension only in the area of the body the exercise or pose is intended for. It helps us become more intune with our body and mind.

Here are the links to get you started with both the exercises.

Mindful Yoga: Yoga Studio App 

Tai Chi: Taiflow’s beginners Tai Chi practices