Mind Series

  • Training Your Mind – Allowing
    Just saying the word “Allowing” seems to open more space, loosen our grip, relax the feeling of clinging or tightness in our mind. Try it, just roll it around in your mind and observe. Read more in this article in Training Your Mind Series.
  • Training Your Mind: Cultivating Deeper Empathy
    Empathy can help build deeper relationships with people around us. It has profound impact on how we view the world and help develop Right View. Read more about how to cultivate deeper empathy in this article.
  • Training Your Mind: A Long Term View
    Do you have the right view? It is a profound question that applies to everything in life. Read more in this article.
  • Training Your Mind: Self-Care
    Do you know that having a self-care routine can help reduce stress and build resilience? What does “self-care” mean to you? What is your self-care routine? Read or listen more in this article.
  • Training Your Mind: Self-Awareness
    Self-awareness, a concept that mystics and philosophers have used for centuries, has recently become mainstream. Self-aware people are able to manage stress better, have higher […]
  • Training Your Mind: Cultivate Patience – Building Relationships
    The process of training our mind to build long lasting, loving relationships, is in essence the process of cultivating patience!
  • Training Your Mind: A Practical Approach to Managing Stress
    During a recent conversation with some friends about managing stress, an interesting topic came up about something that we have all experienced at times, “stress […]
  • Training Your Mind: Cultivate Patience – Slowing Down
    During the early days of my IT career, I could just put my hoodie up and lose myself in the code I was writing. Fully […]
  • Training Your Mind: Managing Stress
    Why manage stress? We all have experienced stress in different forms throughout our lives. Sometimes as a passing thought and sometimes as an all-consuming and […]
  • Training Your Mind: How to start Reflection Practice?
    I often get asked, how do I start Reflection practice? How did I make it a regular part of my life? Starting regular reflection practice […]
  • Training Your Mind: Social Norms and Freedom of Choice
    What are social norms? According to the Oxford reference dictionary, social norms are “Common standards within a social group regarding socially acceptable or appropriate behavior […]
  • Training Your Mind: Unconscious Bias
    What is unconscious bias? Unconscious bias is learned social stereotypes that reside in our subconscious mind. They influence daily decisions in our lives, like where […]
  • Training Your Mind: Reflection
    Reflection is an essential part of accepting ourselves. This journey of training our minds we are on is not about being idealistic. It is not […]
  • Training Your Mind: Acceptance
    We human beings are social creatures and desire acceptance. We need to be accepted by our parents, family, friends, colleagues, and communities. Social acceptance brings […]
  • Why Training your Mind is important?
    Why training your mind is important? Better health, meaningful relationships, achieving our full potential, and above all finding peace and joy was our motivation to […]